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How do I know if power washing is right for me?

Presure Washing is for everyone! Whether you have new construction or an older property, UPPW can take care of you! By using hot water; removing oil, grease, gum, dirt, and traffic deposits we can increase the life-span of your property. Plus, estimates are free! 

Is it really the law to reclaim your water and why do we need to?

It's true, state and federal laws control what goes into the sewers and drain systems. By following EPA regulations, you are helping the environment and yourself!

Wastewater used by pressure washing machines contains chemicals that could pollute groundwater and local watersheds making it unsafe. 

What are the benefits of setting up a maintenance plan?

When you set up a maintenance plan with us, you will never have to worry again about your properties appearance.

The best part is we can get you on a plan that works for your timeline and budget.

No matter what you service you need, you can ease your mind knowing that UPPW is taking care of you!

Plus, when you are on maintenance plan you receive client portal access and 24/7 response times. 

The trash and debris at my property never seems to end, what can I do?

With UPPW's sweeping services, you will never have to worry about built up trash and debris again! Creating a routine maintenance plan can assure your property never gets out-of-hand. 

What are sealants and why would I want them?

Water sealants help in many ways to keep your surfaces in their best condition longer. By using sealants you reduce cracking, protect decorative surfaces, and resist spills.

My property has so many windows, how do I keep them from looking dirty?

Don't worry, UPPW can take care of you. We service retail centers, industrial business parks, and stand alone buildings up to 3 stories. By using our specialized machines we are able to wash all the grime away leaving you a print-less panel.